Tuesday, December 8, 2009

No Green Drinks in December 2009

We hope that everyone had a terrific time in 2009 making friends, connections and figuring out more ways to not toast our beautiful blue planet.  A huge thanks to all of the people and organizations who hosted GreenDrinks in the past year – every one was different and each made a unique contribution. 

Be a Host of Green Drinks: It is really simple.
You find the place, make sure there is beverage and some snacks (host or no-host is ok) – simple or complex is your choice.  We send the e-vite at no charge.  The people come.  We are inviting firms, organizations and individuals to show their green by hosting GreenDrinks this coming year.  Just call Valerie at 425-252-7601 or email valerie@greeningproperties.com to get signed up. 

No GreenDrinks in December

We'd like to encourage all of you to spend lots of time with your friends, families and co-workers during the holidays.  Go play in the snow.  Take some time to be grateful for all you have and make some time to imagine all of the wonderful things you have yet to do.   We’ll be back again on January 13, 2010.  The Rice Group, a consulting engineers firm, will be our host.  This will be our first ever GreenDrinks in Lynnwood!