Saturday, April 26, 2014

May 14 - Green Drinks Celebrates 6 Years at GROW Washington Sponsored by the Everett Farmers Markets

May 14, 2014
Green Drinks Snohomish County
5:00 to 7:00pm
Host: GROW Washington
Sponsor: Everett Farmers Markets 
Let’s raise a toast to the planet, while we figure out ways to NOT toast the planet!
Green Drinks Snohomish County has always been a moveable feast. For 6 years we have been to many places and have had some fantastic Hosts and Sponors.  From solar panels, local beer, preserving old houses, riding a bike, to growing food instead of lawns, our Green Drinkers are the most "wonderful and resourceful" in Snohomish County.  THANK YOU ALL for supporting each other and the communities where you live.

Green Drinks on May 14th will be hosted by GROW Washington in Everett and sponsored by the Everett Farmers Markets
GROW Washington now in three locations Everett, Snohomish and Sultan, helps Washington entrepreneurs become sustainable businesses.  Through training and business consulting, GROW increases the capacity of start-up product-based businesses. GROW facilitates marketing and networking opportunities that help micro businesses in Washington increase their sales reach, as they actively work with fellow members to create brand awareness.

The Everett Farmers Market opens the 21st season on the waterfront May 18th thru Oct 5th and the Friday Farmers Market Everett Mall to resume its 2nd season from June 13th to Sept 26th. The Everett Farmers Market was started in 1993 by Marie Brayman with a vision and just a few vendors in an empty, unpaved lot just west of what is now Lowes Hardware store. Today the Everett Farmers Market's peak season has 90 Vendors and welcomes thousands of customers to enjoy the pleasures of locally grown food, artisans and music each Sunday owner/management team of Gary Purves and Karen Erickson.
GROW Washington
3031 Colby Ave
 Everett WA. 98201
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