Monday, April 4, 2016

April 20th Green Drinks - GROWashington & Everett Farmers Market

GROWashington, Everett Farmers Market, and Green Drinks so what do they have in common? Well, local businesses teaming up together to offer Washington made goods to our community.
Join us at Green Drinks on April 20th to be Hosted by GROWashington in Everett and Sponsored by the Everett Farmers Markets, from 5 to 7pm at 3013 Colby Ave, Everett 98201. 

GROWashington is in three locations Everett, Snohomish and Sultan. Through training and business consulting, GRO increases the capacity of start-up product-based businesses. GRO facilitates marketing and networking opportunities that help micro businesses in Washington increase their sales reach, as they actively work with fellow members to create brand awareness.

GROWashington is also restoring – CULMBACK BLDG into CoWorking Space. The restoration will include space for up to 25 entrepreneurs that are looking for space to meet clients or just to do their work. See the plans of the restoration will be occurring in the GROWashington Everett Store. For more call Jean Simpson at 360-631-2768.

The Everett Farmers Market opens the 23rd Season in a new location "Boxcar Park" at the Port of Everett, on Mother’s Day, May 8th thru Oct 16th and the Friday Everett Farmers Market at the  Everett Mall to resume for its 4thd season starting June 17th to Sept 23rd. Plan to also learn more about the Everett Farmers Market move. click here for more info.