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Green Drinks June 09

Tues, June 9th from 5:30-7:30pm
2829 Rucker Ave, Everett, WA, 98290

Tom Hoban of Coast Real Estate Services is a certified green commercial broker which is a new designation offered by the Commercial Broker's Association (CBA). He was one of the first three to earn this designation in Washington. Recognizing early on that sustainability begins with preservation, Coast's headquarters is located in the historic Marion Building, circa 1893. The Coast group of companies manages commercial and apartment properties, provides brokerage (sales and leasing) services, and arrangements private investments into commercial property throughout the Pacific NW and Alaska.

Your Vote is Your Voice
WE HAVE A TIE FOR OUR NEW GREEN DRINKS DAY! Therefore, this is your last chance to have a your say! Should Green Drinks be on the 2nd Monday or 2nd Wednesday of the Month? Please send your vote NOW to

Green Drinks May 09

The Grilla Bites Organic Café in downtown Snohomish is the perfect spot for a Green Drinks gathering. The mission of Grilla Bites is to “support local environment and community while maintaining a healthy responsibility to their customers through the food they serve”.

Grilla Bites participates in the Snohomish county commerical composting program, with compostable “to go” forks and cups and offers their organic scraps (bread, chips, mulch from our juicer) to our local farms for their compost or to feed their chickens! They are a host site for Full Circle Farm CSA boxes, and always look forward to being involved in events that support local community and the environment.

Green Drink happy hour specials and deep discounts off the menu will be available plus some complimentary munchies. serving Organic wine and beer plus other beverages will be served for this special evening.

Your Vote is Your Voice
On April 14th Green Drinks celebrated a 1 Year Anniversary! Over 50 people attended Green Drinks at "the Anchor Tavern in Everett" There has been a request to change the day as many would like to attend but cannot attend the 2nd Tuesday of the month.Green Drinks of Snohomish County would like "you to vote" for which day of the month works best for you!
Send your choice of day and week of the month (example 2nd Monday of the month) to Valerie Steele at


Green Drinks April 09

Everett Tilth, the newest recognized chapter of WA Tilth Association, is an all-volunteer, member-driven organization, dedicated to promoting the cultivation of sustainable gardens and healthy local food.
We provide education and training on a wide array of topics such as organic gardening, composting, seed starting, backyard chickens and bees. We are working with several community groups to facilitate the creation of community gardens throughout Snohomish County. 425 252-5434

Hosted at: The Anchor Tavern
Everett, WA, 98201

Vote to Change the Day of Green Drinks

On April 14th Green Drinks celebrated a 1 Year Anniversary! Over 50 people attended Green Drinks at "the Anchor Tavern in Everett" There has been a request to change the day as many would like to attend but cannot attend the 2nd Tuesday of the month.
Green Drinks of Snohomish County would like "you to vote" for which day of the month works best for you!

Send your choice of day and week of the month (example 2nd Monday of the month) to Valerie Steele at
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Green Drinks March 09

Sustainable Edmonds will be our Sponsors of Green Drinks with a Very Taki Tiki offering discounted food and libations. Sustainable Edmonds is an independent local citizens’ organization, formed in 2008, in Edmonds, Washington. It is open to all who are interested. "Sustainability is about meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs."

Green Drinks February 09

Richard Sullivan has been working on the adaptive re-use of the Collins Building down on the Everett Waterfront (just think of all the embodied energy in BIG RED). He is also currently forming two non-profits geared to affordable housing using green building techniques.
Featured non-profit is "The Everett Museum". Hosted at Marimbas in Everett

Green Drinks January 09

Zippy's Java Lounge is a "green business" in the heart of downtown Everett, that recycles, compost food scraps via Cedar Grove and in two "onsite" worm bins. Marilyn Rosenberg was the KSER's Voice of the Community Award Winner in 2008 as she continues to inspire and offers a community hub for people to gather and meet for work or fun via Green Everett, Fourth Corner Exhcange, Open Mic and to view progress films. Zippy's is always kid and family friendly.

Featured Artists at Zippy's this month are:
Joshua Kelly showing abstract photography and Shawn Southwick who works with both oil and water color.

Zippy's is offering hot teas, snacks, and wine. THINK GREEN and BRING YOUR OWN MUG/CUP. NO MUG a $1 donation for you drinks. Order food from the menu and share.

Green Drinks December 08

Nick Harper - Conservation Director - Snohomish County

Cascade Agenda Cities: The Cascade Agenda Cities Program enlists the region’s cities to improve the livability of neighborhoods—making them complete, compact, and connected—and spectacular enough for people to choose to live there, saving the region’s natural and working land from poorly planned development.In 2008, the cities of Edmonds, Snohomish, Mountlake Terrace, and Mill Creek have all passed resolutions to become Cascade Agenda Member Cities. Member cities strive to locate new growth near transportation, jobs, and shopping to make it easier to get around, helping to make the cities more affordable, attractive and safer places to live, work and raise families.

The Cascade Agenda was launched in 2005 and now focuses on two major opportunities for the future of our region. One is the conservation of 1.3 million acres of natural areas and working farms and forests. The Agenda also works to create great communities, believing that if the region does not have strong communities to attract and retain people, we will never succeed in conserving land on the scale we envision.

11,598 total acres conserved in Snohomish County

Green Drinks November 08

Savor hearty harvest soup compliments of Mirkwood and Shire Café (, cold brew by Skookum Brewery (, and locally roasted Espresso coffee courtesy of Urban City Coffee (, this is a Green event you do not want to miss.
Dress for an evening outing in the country around a cozy bonfire under the stars, great food anddrinks, an d a warm time with friends old and new. Come check out local artisan gifts and products, pick up a few holiday gifts, some Golden Glen glass-bottled milk, or a soon-to-be-favorite Children’s Book from green publisher Barefoot Books (, while networking Green with others from throughout the community.
YOUR PRESENCE IS REQUESTED at the much anticipated unveiling of the Graafstra Center—an historic community landmark about to be transformed into a green, cuttingedge agricultural and artistry institute in the most idyllic of settings.

Green Drinks October 08

Lowell Art Works is housed in the former Plumbers and Pipefitters Union Hall
in the heart of the historic Lowell neighborhood of Everett. Established in August, 2006, LAW has grown rapidly to include a variety of artists and artisans, including a resident reflexologist (to keep us relaxed), a gourmet coffee roaster (to keep us on our toes) and a microbrewer (to keep us...happy!). Lowell Art Works is, at the very least, an ever-changing, ever-evolving experiment in community, creativity, and an exciting work-in-progress.

In honor of our GreenDrinks event, Lowell Art Works is proud to present
"One More Time", a recycled art show guest-curated by artist Kim Groff-Harrington. Well-known and esteemed artist, garden-art goddess, recycled artist extraordinaire and all-around fun gal, Kim Groff-Harrington assembles a collection of work sure
to inspire, amaze, delight and educate. Discover how these artists rethink, reduce, reuse and recycle!

Join us for the 6th ever GreenDrinks in Snohomish County and LAW's upcoming shows and events, and perhaps come away with some inspiration of
your own. *Suggested minimum donation of $2 to purchase a cup for beverage during Green Drinks.

Green Drinks September 08

Jeff Hall and the Sustainable Living Institute will be host of Green Drinks at The Hogland House (Circa 1906) for the month of September. Step back into history, and spend some time in a turn-of-the-century bed and breakfast in scenic old town Mukilteo, Washington. Enjoy comfortable vintage furniture, old-world finishes, hand-painted murals and antique collectables throughout.

Green Drinks August 08

Jim Staniford, owner of the Vintage Café, is our host for August Green Drinks in Snohomish County. Jim is an ardent supporter of putting streetcars back in Everett and an active downtown businessman. He is a member of the Everett Historical Commission and shows his commitment to preservation through his work on the Hove Building which was built for prominent local architect Charles Hove in 1893 at a cost of about $12,000.00. It housed the Hotel Royal for many years.

This months featured non-profit was Museum of Snohomish County History, which if all goes according to plan will soon claim as its new home the original Carnegie Library at the corner of Oakes and Wall Streets.

Green Drinks July 08

Jessica Pavish a Snohomish County native, has had the good fortune to visit many places all over the world and really wants to make sure that our kids (hers and yours and all the people we'll never meet, because they haven't been born yet) will inherit a planet that is as beautiful and diverse as the one we've enjoyed.

She's an avid recycler and is often found at our local Goodwill store. Jessica has been serving client's investment needs since 1984 - ask how she can "green-up your green". You're sure to enjoy her extensive collection of work by local artists and refreshments provided by "The Savory Table". She is excited to share her Edward Jones office located in Everett's first mixed-use/affordable housing development.

History of Green Drinks

Every month people who work in the environmental field meet up at informal sessions known as Green Drinks.

We have a lively mixture of people from NGOs, academia, government and business. Come along and you'll be made welcome. Just say, "are you green?" and we will look after you and introduce you to whoever is there. It's a great way of catching up with people you know and also for making new contacts. Everyone invites someone else along, so there’s always a different crowd, making Green Drinks an organic, self-organizing network.

These events are very simple and unstructured, but many people have found employment, made friends, developed new ideas, done deals and had moments of serendipity. It's a force for the good and we'd like to help it spread to other cities. Contact your local node to get the latest info about coming along.

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The 1st Green Drinks

The first Green Drinks in Snohomish County was Sponsored by Greening Properties of Everett hosted by the "green drinks god mothers" Valerie Steel and Mary Ehrlich.