Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Green Drinks for September the 14th from 5-7pm

This month's Green Drinks will be in hosted by Chris & Linnea Covington who own Port Gardner Bay Winery a small boutique winery in downtown Everett, as well as their sister company Structural Design Associates. Linnea and Chris began purchasing more and more expensive wine as their palates improved over the years. A European engineer who was employed at Structural Design Associates made his own wine and had been doing so since he was a child. The Covington's tasted his wine and liked it. They began to investigate the art of wine making with a winemaker on their own staff to ask questions. In 2006 they produced 90 gallons of wine. Catch a glimpse about local wine brewing, here in Snohomish County at Port Gardner Bay Winery during Green Drinks.

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