Sunday, May 31, 2009

Green Drinks December 08

Nick Harper - Conservation Director - Snohomish County

Cascade Agenda Cities: The Cascade Agenda Cities Program enlists the region’s cities to improve the livability of neighborhoods—making them complete, compact, and connected—and spectacular enough for people to choose to live there, saving the region’s natural and working land from poorly planned development.In 2008, the cities of Edmonds, Snohomish, Mountlake Terrace, and Mill Creek have all passed resolutions to become Cascade Agenda Member Cities. Member cities strive to locate new growth near transportation, jobs, and shopping to make it easier to get around, helping to make the cities more affordable, attractive and safer places to live, work and raise families.

The Cascade Agenda was launched in 2005 and now focuses on two major opportunities for the future of our region. One is the conservation of 1.3 million acres of natural areas and working farms and forests. The Agenda also works to create great communities, believing that if the region does not have strong communities to attract and retain people, we will never succeed in conserving land on the scale we envision.

11,598 total acres conserved in Snohomish County

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